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“Despite extremely difficult requirements, I am consistently impressed by Melissa’s uncompromising integrity, deep understanding of our business and personal commitment to finding the right candidate. She is really the only choice for an executive recruiter.”
Sharon Parker, Management Consultant, former Vice President of Human Resources, American Achievement Corporation

Why Us

Selecting the right executive search firm for your business is challenging, at best. Your hiring decisions are critical. Plus, hiring a new executive can be expensive and time-consuming for your team. There is simply no room for error. At Protech Search, we meet all of your needs. Every step of the way.

The market is overflowing with recruiters and search firms. Boutiques and large-sized firms. Varying fee structures. Different types of practices relying on the latest technologies and pre-defined strategies to help you shape your business.

With all of the noise surrounding recruiting in today’s market, it’s easy to forget that old-fashioned relationship building is alive and well. More importantly, relationships are still vital to the stability and success of a growing organization. At Protech Search, we understand the importance of real human connection, particularly in a tumultuous marketplace.

This is why we take a consultative approach to everything we do. Building relationships that are rooted in trust. Listening carefully. Offering insights and ideas. Not relying on technology as a crutch, but using it as a tool to uncover top talent and assist you in making sound, informed decisions. We accomplish all of this while staying by your side as a partner and advisor, and working within your budget.

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